Hope LBC Core Values


1) We value a personal, living faith relationship with Jesus as our highest calling.

  • This relationship is more than just knowing facts about Jesus--it is an intimate knowledge and life trust in Jesus as our Redeemer from sin; and as our Lord and Leader as we follow him.
  • We invite people to experience this faith relationship with God as the center of their lives, and it is what gives us hope for eternity.


2) We value the Bible as the Word of God.

  • We value the Bible as the source for truth about God--it is completely true and the final authority of our lives and of all we teach.
  • We believe that the Bible is to be studied, believed and followed---not just known on an intellectual basis.
  • We believe that we are lifetime learners; and we will cultivate a humble, teachable spirit.


3) We value people

  • We love people, because God does. We cannot love God or be in relationship with him if we have hate in our heart.
  • This means that all that we do as a church has people in mind- not the institution of the church.
  • We value the church as an intimate fellowship of believers---Jesus's body here on earth--it is not an optional “activity” but is an essential aspect of who I am as a follower of Jesus.


4) We value the sharing of the message of Jesus

  • We value the fact that others need to hear the message of new life in Jesus in a way that is understandable to them. We will always be asking the question---are we reaching the people where God has placed us?
  • We will not allow for other causes to detract us from our primary purpose---no matter how good or noble those causes may be.
  • We will prioritize and live our lives according to God’s Kingdom values---using our time, money, and talents to fulfill God’s purposes in this world.


5) We value being willing to change for the Gospel's sake

  • We are willing to try new things, even though we are not sure if they will work, in order for us to achieve our mission. We have the freedom to fail and the freedom to succeed.
  • We will be willing to put aside our personal preferences for the good of the Gospel and know that in so doing we are becoming more like Jesus.
  • We will see problems/mistakes as a chance to grow/ learn/ change/ improve, rather than a reason to give up, blame, or shame others.


6) We value authenticity

  • With ourselves. We gather at the foot of the cross where there is mercy for the self-righteous, “religious,” and for the “sinner.” We are a broken people and will not minimize nor excuse that brokenness.
  • With others. We will speak the truth in love with one another--offering grace and mercy to each other as we meet at the cross.


7) We value being “Grace Givers” to one another

  • We will season all we do and say with grace- so even hard things that are said have reconciliation as their goal.
  • We will hear through Grace-filled ears---putting the “best construction” on what others say.
  • We will practice the biblical admonition to “do good- especially to those of the household of faith” in practical ways---living out the "one-another’s" of scripture.
  • We will practice the biblical understanding of forgiveness as more than just words mouthed but as a new way to relate to an offense and an offender, choosing not to punish, but choosing to bless.


8) We value being a joyful, optimistic team of people committed to our mission.

  • We will acknowledge our own personal limitations and short comings, and defer to other's strengths as we follow Jesus and live out our mission as his church.
  • We will use humor to bring life and joy to others. We will value laughter and recreation as a way to energize us to live fruitful lives of God's kingdom.